Moving you is what we love to do....
Moving you is what we love to do....

Counting down to move-out day

 One Month Prior to Move Date

  • Book a moving company. One month out is probably the latest you'll want to reserve the services of a moving and storage company to ensure that sufficient trucks and workers are available. Movers are in high demand in the summer, so you may want to book two months in advance.
  • Notify the U.S. Post Office with change of address information and designate forwarding dates.
  • Notify doctors, dentists, and other service providers. Get referrals and transfer records to new providers as necessary.
  • Order moving supplies: Heavy-duty cardboard boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, markers (for labeling).
  • Sort and discard (or donate) unwanted items. Many charitable organizations will pick up household items from your home. Don't pay to move things you don't need!
  • Confirm elevator, loading dock, and parking arrangements for moving day at both the origin and destination locations.
  • Begin packing rarely used items (e.g., china, books). Be sure to clearly label the boxes with your name, contents, and the destination of the contents (for example, "DR" for Dining Room and "MBR" for Master Bedroom).

Two Weeks Prior to Move Date

  • Notify utility companies and other service providers per their requirements.
  • Begin the process of disassembling bulky items such as pool tables, swing sets, etc.
  • Make arrangements for babysitters and pet sitters for moving day.
  • Arrange for time off from work in order to be present on moving day.

One Week Prior to Move Day

  • Confirm the moving date and time with your moving company.
  • Provide the moving company with your new telephone number, if applicable.
  • Remove fragile and loose items from drawers and pack them carefully in small moving boxes.
  • Remove all affixed items that you'd like to take from the walls and ceilings, such as drapes, light fixtures, and ceiling fans.
  • Notify subscription newspapers, magazines, and periodicals of new address information.
  • Alert family and friends to your new physical address, phone numbers, and email contact information.

One Day Prior to Move Day

  • Consolidate clearly marked boxes of fragile items in one area of your home. Be sure to alert your moving crew about these boxes on moving day.
  • Identify furniture that is fragile or weakened and make a note to inform the moving crew about these pieces on moving day.
  • Separate and label the items that you do not want the crew to transport.
  • Set aside checkbooks, keys, passports, travel documents, cash, credit cards, and prescription medication. These should be handled by you personally on moving day.
  • Confirm that telephones and utilities are in working order at both the origin and destination location.
  • Defrost, drain, wash, and dry refrigerators and freezers. (Very important.)
  • Drain waterbeds.
  • Drain gas and oil from lawn mowers and any other equipment.
  • Disconnect propane tanks from gas grills. Your movers will not be able to transport this tank on moving day.
  • Clear and clean your walkways and driveway.

On Moving Day

  • Double-check closets, drawers, shelves, attic space, and the garage to be sure nothing is left behind.
  • Carry important documents, currency, and jewelry yourself or use registered mail. Consider using traveler's checks for quick available funds.

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