Moving you is what we love to do....
Moving you is what we love to do....

Helping you get ahead

A successful moving company is a reliable moving company, and we want our clients to value the years of experience we've gained from jobs in the past. Trust us when we say that we've NEVER dealt with a customer who's been over-prepared.

We highly advise waiting no longer than one month before your move to get the early steps of your relocation underway. You may have already compiled a list of "To-Do's" that spans several pages, and while we're not trying to add to your workload -- some of these tips and suggestions may come in handy as move-out day gets closer.

As a full-service moving company, United Moving Systems offers to take a lot of these items off your list, so be sure to look into our packing services and contact us with any questions. We encourage you take a few minutes to review the resourceful contents listed above -- including a link to change your address -- to best prepare you for your move, and if you have additional tips that you'd like to pass along, please share them with us and we'd be happy to add them to this page!


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